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Marxism and Modernity

Before concluding our look at Marx, it is important to relate his work back to the larger theme of the course- the social, political, and cultural experiences of Modernity, particularly the mediated forms of these experiences. Marx’s theories of value, … Continue reading

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Marxism: The Key Tenets

“If Marx had not been more than a purveyor of phraseology, he would be dead by now.” ~Joseph A. Schumpeter Any attempt to “sum up” Marxism is almost destined to fail, and often grossly miscasts the nature of his work. … Continue reading

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New Capitalism and the Rise of Socialist Ideology

And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God On England’s pleasant pastures seen? And did the Countenance Divine Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here … Continue reading

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Reacting to the Enlightenment: The Conservative Backlash

As the new liberal ideology expanded across the continent, celebrating the empirical, the rational, and the scientific as forces that would liberate humanity from the inequities and superstitions of the past, a growing number of thinkers, poets, philosophers, and conservative … Continue reading

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Reacting to the Enlightenment: The French Revolution, Liberalism, and Media

While active in overlapping and colliding waves across Europe, France served as the Enlightenment’s epicentre. Paris, the most heavily urbanized, populous, and wealthiest city of the period became a haven for the philosophes and a growing educated class. Writers such … Continue reading

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Antecedents to Modernity: The Enlightenment

In our previous post, we discussed how media technologies, beginning with the printing press in the Early Modern period in Europe, have been instrumental in forging what we now call the Modern world. Yet as Maruca pointed out in her … Continue reading

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Media as Modernizing Force in European History

The media, from the beginnings of written language, have been constitutive forces in the modernization of European, and contributed in a profound way to the development of the Modern society outlined above. Many of the fundamental social shifts tied up … Continue reading

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CMNS 310: Introducing Modernity

Media and Modernity examines the place of human communication in western social science from the 18th Century to the early Twentieth Century. The course begins with a general discussion of the concept of modernity and the role played by communications … Continue reading

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