About the School of Communication

The School of Communication at Simon Fraser University has, for more than 35 years, acted as one of Canada’s leading educational institutions focused on a developing a deep critical understanding of the complex, dynamic, and deeply politicized interactions between social realities and the various modes of visual, textual, aural, architectural, spatial, and theoretical communication with which we live every day.

This space was created in the interest of developing a well-researched, high-quality set of video resources to accompany the fundamental themes and readings covered in the syllabi of various courses within the program. The blogging format facilitates not only the amalgamation of a number of multimodal resources into a single space, but makes such resources easily navigable, simply exported and linked to other web spaces, and also encourages active participation on the part of audiences.

For more contact and background information on the School of Communication, please visit our homepage, or follow us on Twitter, @SFUCMNS.


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